Woofee Cake Lab is a patisserie aiming to bring mainly Japanese style desserts to Hobart, we believe we can share happiness while serving our cakes.

Desserts delivery whenever you are craving for desserts!

Don't worry if the dessert in your mind is not on our menu, we are willing to "invent" because we are a CAKE LAB!

Made to order

Every cake we serve is made to order.

Licensed Business

We are a licensed and register business in Hobart.

Local ingredient

We pick local ingredients as preference.

100% Payment Secure

We ensure secure payment by using Shopify checkout engine.


Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Our classic basque burnt cheesecake is made mostly with local ingredients; Baked perfectly with a slightly burnt but golden crust top, and a rich and creamy bottom, melt instantly in your mouth like a cheesecake version of crème-brûlée! It's lighter than traditional cheesecake making everyone just can’t stop eating from the first bite; Comes in two versions, original & crisp, choose your favourite now !

Fresh Cream Roll

Inspired by Japanese “Dojima Roll”, a type of fluffy sponge cake filled with heavenly whipped cream. The sponge cake layer of our cream roll is baked dedicatedly by using the steam-bake method, which keeps the sponge layer fluffy and moisture at the same time. Australian milk is adapted to our recipe, to give the cream part a lighter but milky texture. Our cream roll comes in more than 5 flavours, check them out!